about nostagora

About Nostagora

Welcome to Nostagora, the website that shows you your neighbourhood in postcards!

We are all attached to certain places that have housed moments in our lives. Childhood village, holiday country, or neighbourhood of youth, these places have forever marked our memories and their history interests us. This is the reason why Nostagora exists: to allow you, in a few clicks to find the old postcards of all these places you are attached to.

Whether you are a fan of old postcards of big cities like Paris, London or New York or your preference is for postcards of local places, village war memorials, 19th century seaside resorts or others, Nostagora will enable you to find old postcards from all over the world!

Also yours are the constructions of famous monuments, life in the Belle Epoque in the rich stores of the cities but also in the small villages of the countryside! The old postcard remains a faithful witness to the past of our favorite neighbourhoods!

You'll be able to travel the world of yesterday through postcards, made by both photographers and illustrators. Welcome to a magical world made of memories and nostalgia aimed at showing you the places that matter from your past through old postcards!

Nostagora is also designed so that you can share these cards with your loved ones, and if you wish, you can easily purchase the collectible cards you are interested in.

From the largest city to the very smallest village, take advantage of Nostagora to take a walk down memory lane!

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